About Mount Saint Mary Academy

Catherine McAuley bookMount Saint Mary Academy, a private Catholic elementary school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, furthers the mission of Catherine McAuley.  Mount Saint Mary Academy is committed to academic excellence and the Gospel values of peace and justice.  Our school instills in its students leadership skills and promotes the values of compassion and reverence for the community and environment.

Catherine McAuley was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1778.  Later in life, after growing closer to God through prayer and performing works of charity, Catherine used inheritance money to build the first House of Mercy, on Baggot Street in Dublin for a home for working girls and orphans and a school for poor children.  Other women joined her and in 1831 Catherine founded the Sisters of Mercy.  Soon they were invited to other parts of Ireland and England and within 10 years, she had founded 10 convents in Ireland and 3 in England. Two years after her death in 1841, Frances Warde led the Sisters of Mercy to the United States.   In 1858 the Sisters of Mercy came to Manchester,New Hampshire.  There was an outreach to the immigrants who worked in the Amoskeag Mills, and to their children, who were in need of education.  In 1868, Mount Saint Mary Academy was established at 435 Union Street,Manchester, NH.  In February of 2002 Mount Saint Mary moved to its present location at 2291 Elm Street.



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